“Charity sees the need not the cause”

-German Proverb

Cascade Commercial donates a portion of its revenue to several local and international charities. We also ask our clients to do the same after a successful assignment or transaction. We are still forming our philanthropic goals and commitments. We are asking the questions “Where can we make the most impact?” “What are areas that need to be addressed in our community” “What can we do to make our contribution grow or multiply or possible inspire others to give?” One thing we know is our focus will involve basic human needs. While the Opera or the Symphony are valuable community assets, it is hard to value Mozart when you cannot read, don’t have enough to eat or have a debilitating health condition. Some of the organizations we like and are contributing to are below:

Loaves and Fishes

Portland’s branch of this worthy organization is one of the largest in the country serving thousands of nutritious meals as well as caring for our low income seniors.

Pedals for Progress

Provides refurbished bikes for third world countries where bikes can open opportunities and lift people out of poverty.

Use Charity Navigator to research and find the most financially efficient and impactful charities in both your community and worldwide.