Oregon Manufacturing Staying Strong

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Follow the above link to a recent article in Oregon Business outlining the resiliency and in many cases the growth of Portland and Oregon’s small and medium sized manufacturers.

These firms more than most have prolific impacts to our economy. Manufacturing wages are often above average as are the benefits. Manufacturers often more than other firms buy lots of inputs locally creating a stronger economic ripple effect. Manufacturers often have more fixed costs in plant and equipment which results in more contributions to the tax base. Many Oregon manufaturers make high quality “best in class” products that adds immensely to Oregon’s aura of brand quality and excellence that while intangible adds value to our state’s reputation. But many times through our less than business friendly regulatory environments, tax structure, input costs (mainly utilities) we have loaded undue burdens on a important sector that gives back so much economically. Let’s figure out ways to cultivate, grow and assist both our existing cadre of high quality manufacturers as well as those looking from the outside for a home in one of the best places on the planet.