George Devendorf, Executive Director of Transitions Projects, the largest and most innovative provider of life changing and life-saving assistance and services to Portland’s more vulnerable citizens:

“I have been particularly impressed with Todd’s consistent level of attention and responsiveness. I have greatly appreciated Todd’s ability to grasp our needs identify possible options and access the suitability of those options – and when appropriate – use his substantial network to connect us to the relevant property owners. Throughout his work with us, Todd has remained focused on clarifying the likely parameters of any deal so as to help us decide how much effort we should invest along the way – a true advantage when you’re tyring to evaluate and triage numerous options.”

Transitions Projects Locates Property for Cutting Edge Affordable Housing Project in Kenton

Todd and Cascade Commercial represented Transitions Projects in locating a unique off-market property owned by Prosper Portland to develop an innovative 72 unit modular housing project in the Kenton Neighborhood. This two year process involved long term and focused negotiations and consultations regarding adjacent land owners; the property owner; financing; in-depth due diligence; city approvals and interaction with multiple stakeholders.

Project Description

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Tom Wright, Principal and Director of Planning (retired) at Mackenzie:

“I have worked with Todd DeNeffe for over 20 years on a range of development projects including industrial and commercial projects. My experience with Todd is he has an excellent understanding and interest in development and real estate in the Portland area and specifically in the Central Eastside. He does his homework and is very good at staying at ground level. Todd is patient yet also diligent, which is important in working with challenging parties (including public agencies). I would strongly recommend Todd DeNeffe. He would be a great choice for representation of commercial and industrial property.

Mackenzie is a multi-disciplined architectural, engineering and planning firm with extensive expertise in commercial, industrial and institutional projects in the Northwest for over 40 years.

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Jim Inkster, Inkster Investments LLC:

“We are a multi-generational family entity which owns and manages a number of light industrial properties in SE Portland. Todd worked with us on numerous transactions to accomplish our objectives. He displayed creativity, hard work and patience which has allowed us to have higher quality tenants and be much more profitable. Besides having intimate knowledge of our market and outstanding track record, Todd has an exceptional personality which proves instrumental when negotiating leases with long term tenants. Todd has done an exceptional job with the daunting task of both leasing our properties and renewing below market leases and we have been absolutely delighted and he has clearly been and continues to be the right choice for our family.”

10 different industrial spaces were either re-tenanted or leases renegotiated at higher market rates in Portland’s Central Eastside.

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Michael Koerner; Founder and CEO of Koerner Camera Systems:

“Todd is a trusted real estate advisor and knows more about Portland’s commercial real estate market especially in the core areas that anyone I have encountered. He communicates well and is honest and well-thought out in his opinions and counsel. His ability to understand the client’s needs and translate that into a dogged and intelligent pursuit of facility options is superb. I would highly recommend Todd as a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable commercial real estate professional.”

Todd and Cascade Commercial conducted a focused and targeted property search with very specific and unique requirements to locate and negotiate a successful transaction for a new office and warehouse headquarters in southeast Portland for Koerner Camera Systems.

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Kim Malek, Founder and President of Salt & Straw:

“Todd communicates well, really understands the intimate needs of the companies he works with and is very creative in coming up with real estate and facility solutions that other brokers would either not consider or know about. He would be an excellent choice as a trusted real estate advisor and broker for any company looking to make successful decisions about the very important aspects related to their facility and real estate.”

Salt and Straw leased a 28,000 long term for their Portland headquarters and production facility in the Produce Row area of the Central Eastside.

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Ken Francis, President of Dealers Supply:

“We are on 80 year old family owned company and we had grown into several adjacent facilities in Portland’s Central Eastside, but our operations were separated by streets, a railroad track and our buildings were old and inefficient.

We were considering a relocation for years. Todd had a great understanding of both our requirements, operations, and our timing aligned with his excellent knowledge of the core Portland industrial market which was an exceptional match for us.

Together, after looking at multiple properties, we centered on a key large industrial site in Northwest Portland, but there were a myriad of issues and details that needed to be addressed and Todd helped us through the process to get the property purchased.

Todd went well beyond his role as a broker, he became a trusted and client focused consultant always looking out for our interests.This was demonstrated by him taking the lead in setting up and following through in accomplishing a reverse exchange which saved us considerable capital gains taxes. In addition, he helped us qualify for the Portland Enterprise zone which saved us tens of thousands in property taxes. Lastly, he represented us in selling our multiple existing properties in the Central Eastside to an all cash buyer who met our tight timelines. I would highly recommend Todd as candid, very knowledgeable, astute and trusted real estate professional.”

Dealers Supply Bought the former Oregonian site in Northwest Portland for $ 8 million to build a 160,000 sf headquarters facility. They also sold three city blocks in the Central Eastside to Harsch Investment as part of a reverse-exchange.

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Marcia Blasen, Blasen LLC:

“We are a family that owned a large industrial real estate property with no real experience in managing or selling commercial property and we all had “day jobs”. We chose to work with Todd because of his strong familiarity with the commercial/industrial market in Portland and because of the energy he brings to his work. He was not afraid to tell it “like it is” while others told us what we “wanted to hear” and we did not need the sugar-coating. We discovered Todd to be creative, flexible and have great contacts. All of this was important to us as we came to the “right” transaction with Todd’s help and expertise.”

The Blasen family sold their long term industrial business and investment property entailing 70,000 sf of buildings and 18 acres on North Columbia Blvd.

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