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Bridging Newsletter: Central Eastside News

It is Here!!! Bridging Newsletter About All that is Going On in the Close Eastside of Portland!

This Newsletter seeks to track, highlight and explain many of the mostly positive happenings going on in the close in eastside of Portland which is one of the most robust, exciting, growing and diverse neighborhoods in the city or in any big city in the US. This is especially true as Portland deals with challenges to emerge and prosper from Covid and many livability and economic challenges. The theme here is Positivity! This is not difficult when reviewing the continued development and new businesses and non-profits emerging and investing in the neighborhood. Everything is not all so rosy as like everywhere as the effects of many very serious quality of life and business issues persist but positive changes are being made which working together will hopefully “stick” and continue to make the close in eastside a place that continues to grow, prosper and help drive Portland forward. Some highlights in the Newsletter are:

  • New development continues with over $500 million of new projects either finishing up or under construction; being proposed or in various stages of design or permitting.
  • Varied and big investments by some established and new artistic, educational and cultural organizations with buildings being developed by Literary Arts and the Native Arts and Culture Foundation as well as some great city approvals of OMSI’s bold and innovative plan for huge key swatch of land around their campus.
  • The moving ahead of a game changing and much needed 3000 seat live music venue by Live Nation on the ODOT/Workshop Blocks on SE Water Avenue.
  • The continuing resiliency of the close in eastside’s creative and robust food and beverage makers and purveyors that got whacked by Covid but has sprung back with new restaurants, food producers, breweries and more emerging and growing their operations.
  • The city along with the main business organization in the district, the CEIC, coming together to craft and implement a coordinated effort to address some chronic issue surrounding, camping/homelessness, safety, cleanliness and graffiti to lay the foundation for continued improvement of the close in eastside neighborhoods going forward

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Wait! There’s more!

As many of you know I write my newsletter over a period of months (and that was 6 months ago) then takes more time to put this Encyclopedia of what is going on in the Central Eastside together, and during that time more cool stuff happens! So this supplement works to correct, update and provide more great news in one of the fastest moving and robust neighborhoods in Portland…so it goes.

Read the Bridging Newsletter – Spring 2023 Supplement (PDF)