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Guilds Lake NW Newsletter

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Find Out all that is going on in Northwest Portland and Guild’s Lake Industrial Areas. This newsletter covers all sorts of projects; developments; topics; a bit of history; businesses and more in Northwest Portland. You will be smarter and up to date after reading this!

The Summer 2021 edition covers:

  • Covid Commercial Real Estate Fundamentals (And some amateur Economic Analysis)
  • Commercial/Industrial Real Estate… Story of Have and Have Nots
  • 175-foot tall… three years of Challenges All in the Review Mirror
  • Early Portland Beer Icon… Portland Brewing Calls it Quits
  • Fremont Place Undergoing Renovation
  • Baseball Has Officially Faded at Terminal 2
  • Camping / RV’s in Guilds Lake / Northwest
  • All Dressed Up and Limited Tenants… Red Fox Commons and Premier Gear Redevelopments Searching looking for “Leasing Love”
  • Lewis Clark Exposition… Wish I was there!
  • Ken Unkles is trying to keep Portland… well Portland
  • Behemoth Prologis Marches on in Northwest Portland
  • City to Recommend Mixed Use Zoning in Northwest Along Trolley Line to Montgomery Park… What Next?
  • Esco Buyers and Montgomery Park Updates
  • Unico’s Big Plans for Montgomery Park
  • Georgia Pacific to Give Up Huge NW Front Avenue Distribution Hub – What’s Next?
  • Key Arkema NW Front Industrial Site… Still A Toxic Soup But Progress being Made
  • Big Changes coming Near Lower McCleay Park
  • Plus much more!