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Bridging Newsletter: Central Eastside News

New Issue of the Bridging Newsletter on the Close-in Eastside of Portland is Here!

The Central Eastside of Portland is one of the most diverse, prosperous and eclectic commercial, industrial and residential areas found in any city in America. It is home to a wide range of doers, thinkers, makers, creatives and more, from small 1-2 person operations to large headquarters or outposts of billion dollar companies that count over 20,000 employees in this robust and progressive 700 acre district.

With 5 bridges landing here, some of the best bicycle infrastructure in the city and and extensive trolley, light rail and bus transit network, Portland’s Central Eastside is always moving ahead, innovating and growing. All of this economic activity is surrounded and complemented by some of the best restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, distilleries, event spaces, arts organizations and retail services and shops in the city.

This transitioning neighborhood has experienced over $1.5 billion dollars of investment and development over the last decade resulting in over a million square feet of new and renovated office space, 4500 new apartment units and thousands of square feet of retail operations.

This version of the Bridging Newsletter, which I have been researching and writing for over a decade, delves deeply into issues; new businesses and projects; exciting new developments completed, under construction of planned; cultural draws and more, all colored by challenges presented by the Covid contagion. But as you will read, the Central Eastside is showing its resiliency and ability to adapt and continue to be an economic engine for the city and the region.

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