Cascade Commercial Announces Recent Transactions

Here are some great positive additions to the Portland Market which brings investment…employment and a commitment to the core of Portland at a crucial time for our city.

Portland is a Food City and consistently ranked, not just nationally, but globally, as one of the great food cities of the world by reputable sources. I know there is some skepticism about this but get out there and grab your fork and you will know!!  Many of my recent deals touch on this important economic and branding aspect of our City which includes:

The repurposing of the former state-of-the-art New Seasons kitchen in the close-in Eastside to be home to two growing organic Portland food companies investing… employing and growing… with a great bent towards unique products serving an ever changing palette of great food. Also an accelerating chocolate company taking on more production space, and then a fantastic non-profit betting big on the close-in eastside for an awe-inspiring one-of-a-kind project to serve adults with disabilities. You will love this one! Specifics include:

Hot Mama Salsa… a 15 year-old, organically growing food enterprise creation from Nikki Guerreo, who is a warrior for Portland’s food scene and ethnic and culturally responsive companies. She is creating great products from her Southwest roots and heritage… such as world class salsas, chili oils and the best tortilla chips anywhere. This is a next-level sort of commitment for her.

A highly revered Westside Beaverton Japanese bakery, Oyatsupan, serving up some of the best Asian baking treats, pastries and breads is coming into the core of the city for a second, much larger location to serve the grocery channel, and later, a retail location for a hungry clientele.

Other deals include.. a growing high-end chocolate manufacturing company, Sacred Summit, that is tripling in size, and an innovative hemp (not necessarily cannabis) company taking on more space and both hiring and committing to Portland, which is the message to get across.

Always call, email for more information on these transactions or anything in the commercial real estate realm… about the current market or help with your property or space/facility needs.