Laughing Planet Cafe Leases Warehouse with Option To Purchase

Laughing Planet Café has become a progressive and innovative force in healthy, locally-sourced food in Portland, and now in other cities.

Now up to 16 cafés, Laughing Planet, has dialed into the desire to have a friendly place to enjoy creative, always-changing flavors and dishes. Being located in an inefficient warren of offices, food preparation areas and multiple coolers and freezers, Franz Spielvogel, the owner of Laughing Planet, has frustratingly been looking for a consolidated, larger facility to create a better environment and workflow.

“Todd has stayed in touch with us for several years as we searched for a better building and pursued several properties that did not pan out. He did not give up, so when he had a client with an older, cool industrial building with freezers, coolers and floor drains, it was a good fit, especially since we can improve it to our use on a lease and then look to purchase it in a year or two. It was a great match”.

Laughing Planet leased this 25,000 sf building with an option to purchase, which allows them ultimate flexibility to get in and operating, then obtain competitive financing on a sale in the future.

“Todd sold me this building over 12 years ago for my growing food business, and has kept in touch all along the way, when I had questions about the market, and as my business matured and changed, then was sold. He was a good advisor always looking out for my interests, helping me lease a portion of the building to other tenants, and was very prescient in seeing my building and quickly knowing Laughing Planet’s struggles in finding a building, and expertly matching us up. It worked out well for everyone: a real win-win,” says building owner Casey Jonquil.